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Pet Leak Food Snuffle Mat

Pet Leak Food Snuffle Mat

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  • Item Type: Pet Snuffle Bowl Mat
  • Material: Felt Cloth
  • Color: Light Red,Yellow,Green,Brown


1. The snuffle is the dog's nature, and they can feel satisfied through snuffling while releasing the pressure.

2. It is easy to use, and you just need to put the snacks on the one corner of the mat, and dogs can begin to use the natural the foraging skills.

3. Dogs can have training and fun at the same time when foraging, and add the interact with you.

4. The soft and environmental protection material, non-toxic and safe, easy to wash.

5. There are 4 colors, and you can choose the favorite one for your baby.

Package Include:

1 x Pet Snuffle Bowl Mat

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